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Sod Installation Oakville

Sod Installation Oakville: About Us

About Us

Mr.Sod is the premier sod installation team you’re looking for. Our fully trained and licensed team of experts are here to help transform your Oakville property. We proudly serve our many clients in Oakville and across Ontario. Our 3000+ successful sod installations speak for themselves. We ensure every one of our clients in Oakville receives the utmost attention to detail and quality. Reach out to us to have a one on one consultation with one of our sod specialists. Let Mr.Sod help bring your vision to life.

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The Process

Our sod producers begin harvesting at 4 AM every morning. Meanwhile our team is at the shop, planing out your Oakville property lawn. By 9 AM we receive the sod and begin to head to your job site.  Our team then begins to remove the previous sod. Once the old sod is removed we till  down 7 inches ensuring the soil will be loose enough for the roots of the fresh sod. The landscape is then leveled and a high-quality triple mix and fertilizer are added to make sure your fresh sod receives all the nutrients required to make it the greenest lawn on the block.  Once we have finished the preparation work we begin to lay the sod. Having the sod harvested and laid within 12 hours. To finish off the installation we roll the sod and give our clients detailed instructions on how to care for their new lawn.

Oakville Soil Characteristics

We frequently find homes in Oakville to have hard red clay soil. This type of soil is not ideal for growing a healthy lawn. Clay soil is the densest type of soil which limits its ability to let water flow through. In order to combat this soil, Mr.Sod uses a combination of dolomitic lime, fertilizer, and compost to give it the right composition for a healthy lawn. 

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