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Fence Installation


Fences are the most popular and quickest way to give your property additional privacy. We do everything from setting posts and leveling the ground to building custom fence panels! We ensure that your outdoor living is perfectly aligned with your vision from a design and practicality standpoint. There is no job too big for Mr.Sod!

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Benefits of a Fence

  • Increases property value and the curb appeal of your home

  • Provides privacy

  • Ensures additional safety for your property

  • Reduces noise level


How are Fences installed in Ontario?

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1. Run a string line against the property line marking out the fence's location. Post should be 6-8 feet apart depending on the type of fence


2. Auger out a hole 42-48 inches deep 


3. Place your post in the hole ensuring the post is in the correct location and is sitting level


4. Add concrete to the post hole


5. Connect 2-3 stringers between each post

6. Attach your fence boards to your stringers


7. Add a top plate to give your fence a finished look



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