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Sod Installation


Sodding (often referred to as lawn replacement) is the most popular and quickest way to give your lawn a new look. From clearing the land and leveling the ground to delivering the sod and laying it out, we do it all! We ensure that the sod is perfectly aligned with sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds. There is no job too big for Mr.Sod!

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Benefits of Installing Fresh Sod

  • Increases property value and the curb appeal of your home

  • Provides erosion control

  • Helps cool your home during the summer

  • Creates an excellent environment for pets and kids to play on

  • Generates oxygen 

  • Reduces noise level


How is Sod Installed in Ontario

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1. Remove existing sod. Haul away old sod to a recycling facility. 


2. Till the ground four to eight inches deep. (If the ground becomes too soft, it should be rolled to ensure it will stay leveled once the sod is installed)


3. Grade the yard, ensuring water is being directed away from all structures.


4. Add a layer of top soil. 


5. Apply fertilizer if installing during cooler months.

6. Lay sod starting from the furthest cornor of the yard. 


7. Roll the sod with a light weight cylindrical roller. 


8. Water the sod immediately after installation. 


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Types of Soils and  Applications

At Mr.Sod, we know our soils. Our team will be able to determine the right soil for all your landscaping and sod installation needs. 

  • Triple Mix- Triple mix is a combiniation of top soil, peat moss and compost. It is very light and can easily be washed out by water. Ideal for planting flowers and treees

  • Topsoil-Topsoil is soil that contains some clay. It is heavy and does better holding loads. It is ideal for grading, backfill and sod jobs that require 1.5 inches or more of soil

  • Premium Topsoil- Premium top soil is simalir to topsoil but it contains more nutrients. It doesn't hold up loads as well as top soil and is slighly lighter. It is ideal for sod jobs that require 1.5 inches or less of soil

  • Top Dressing- Top dressing is a combination of peat moss, sandy top soil, compost and loam. It is very fine making it ideal for dressing a lawn

  • Manure- Manure is very nutrient dense. It is ideal for planting and flower beds

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