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Interlock Driveway

Interlocking pavers are the longest lasting form of driveway pavement paired with their versatility with textures and colours make them great solution for driveways. Interlock pavers can be installed for permable and non-permable applications making them excellent choice for areas with drainage issues.

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Benefits of an Interlock Driveway

  • Increases property value and the curb appeal of your home

  • Durable surface that will last for decades

  • Can be constructed to be permeable and assist with stormwater management (permeable paving)

  • Will last longer than any other form of pavement

  • Endless design and color possibilities 


How are Interlock Pavers Installed in Ontario for a Driveway?

1. Demolition of existing surface and excavate 12”- 18” from grade (Soil conditions will determine require dept).  Haul materials for recycling.


2. Compact Native Soil. Add lime or portland cement if there are signs of cohesive soil.


3. Install Geo-Textile 


4. Install 3/4 Crushed Stone (Dense Grade) or Clear Stone (Open Grade) depending on the site's drainage need.   8”- 14” for vehicular areas


5. Ensure a slope of 1% to 2%


6. Compact Base  Rock to 98% Standard Proctor Density 


7. Install 1” of high-Performance Bedding  (1/4 Clear Stone).



8. Align pavers using a string line. Lay pavers outward maintaining a consistent joint between each paver.


9. Install Polymeric Joint Sand if installed on dense grade. Install Romex for open grade installation.

10. Use a Plate compactor to compact the sand or Romex down into the paver joints. 


11. Apply a water mist onto pavers


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