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Flagstone Installation Toronto

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The Process

Our flagstone installation process being with an on-site consultation. During the consultation, one of our hardscape experts will guide you in deciding on a flagstone that suits your home and taste. We recommend our customers to use Banas Stone flagstone as they have displayed their quality in Canadian climates through the test of time.  If we are installing on an existing concrete surface we will begin the project by cleaning off the surface. If there isn't a concrete surface, we will begin by excavating and adding a gravel base for a new concrete slab. Once the gravel base is complete, we will put up forms and install the rebar. Having a strong concrete slab is vital for the installation of a flagstone patio. The next day we will pour concrete and then we will have to wait eight to twelve days for the concrete to fully cure. Once we have a concrete surface to install our flagstone, we have to set grades to make sure we have an ideal slope, usually between one to two percent. We will begin by installing the coping on the perimeter of the patio using mortar. You have the choice of a bullnose or rockface coping. The next step is to install flagstone pavers on the inside of the patio.  The last step is to grout the flagstone. The entire process usually takes two to five days depending on the size. 

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